Foot cream

Hohde foot cream smoothens your feet, supports their blood circulation and makes them fresh and pleasant. The secret behind the effectiveness of the cream is based on longtime experience about treating feet and making them happy with the help of natural ingredients. The multi-effective result comes from plant oils, Finnish organic herbs, such as plantain and yarrow, as well as the organic extract of buckeye, which has been used to care for venous circulation and varicose veins.

The authentic essential oils of the plants revitalize: rosemary resuscitates the blood circulation, peppermint refreshes, sage and tea tree disinfect and prevent perspiration of feet, cypress takes care of varicose veins and lavender soothes.

Our feet should be cared for daily, since they are walked with – on average – around the globe four times throughout a life.

If the soles of your feet are broken-down, hardened, and cracking, apply a generous amount of cream to the soles for instance, after sauna, and wear cotton socks to bed.

The delivery contains one 100 ml bottle.

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