Facial oil

Hohde facial oil can be called the elite of face oils with good reason, due to the valuable organic plant oils and other effective ingredients that it contains. Jojoba, apricot, and almond oil are absorbed into the skin, making it as smooth as velvet. Your skin will start to feel better, as it receives the unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant, natural vitamins and minerals that it needs.

The oil extracts of the Finnish organic rose support the health of skin cells. The essential oil of the ylang-ylang flower increases the effect of the feel-good hormones on the skin while reducing the stress factors that come to your skin. The essential oil of grapefruit invigorates and revitalizes the metabolism of the skin through mood-uplifting hormones.

Instructions: Apply morning and night to clean face, as well as whenever your skin needs additional moisture or refreshing.

One facial oil delivery contains one 30 ml bottle.

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